Wages is usually associated with worker compensation in light of the quantity of hours worked increased by an hourly rate of pay.

Salary where is best connected with representative pay based on a yearly premise.

We provide the most reliable and easy way of filing for returns on you salary and wages. Regardless if you have or more jobs, or are working full or part time one must make sure that all their employment income in the tax return. We help you with tax returns on normal weekly, fortnightly or monthly pay. With the help of our skillful professional you need not worry about any kind of taxation returns.

About Us


Personalised and convenient tax return preparation service
completed by qualified accountant and registered tax
agent with more than twenty years tax experience.
Based in Gerringong and servicing all locations in the
Kiama Municipality and surrounding areas.
Specialising in mobile service where tax returns are
prepared in the comfort of your home or office. After hours
appointments available for weekday evenings and on
weekends. Appointments can also be arranged at my office.

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