Mobile Tax Service

A Mobile Tax Service is a customized individualistic method to deal with income tax groundwork. South Coast Tax and Accounting makes sure that you receive our services at your convenient location. Majority of our appointments are held on weekday evenings and end of the week evenings/afternoons. On the off chance that you live outside of the territory, or it is more advantageous to not meet face to face, tax arrangement can be finished through telephone, email, or fax.

This is how it works:

If you are completing the tax return in person:

– Our professionals sits with you to drafts out the personal tax return at your desired location.
– Most tax returns usually take around 20-40 minutes to finish (less time for simple returns and somewhat more time for first-time customers with complex returns).
– Upon consummation, you will be given a printed version of your tax return for your records and we will return to your place for definite handling and electronic accommodation.

If you are completing the tax return remotely:

– All data can be sent via telephone, fax, email, and drop-box or by secure connection (Canopy or Smart Vault cloud-based applications).

– You will be given a duplicate of your tax return via email or printed version by Mail.

Advantages of meeting with us at your own preferable location:

– Your tax return is finished in the solace of your own home
– You don’t need to stress over overlooking documentation at home for your assessment arrangement
– You don’t require traveling anywhere to meet us
– You don’t need to stress over getting child care.

From our office, we finish final preparation and transmit your tax return to the Australian Franchise Tax Board. We
acknowledge payments for administrations with money, check, credit/charge card, ACH specifically from financial
records, Intuit online secure installment or it can be deducted from your discount if utilizing Refund Advantage bank
items (impose discount item expenses apply).

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